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Environmentally friendly hydraulic oil

The Castrol BioBar range of high specification hydraulic oils are intended as drop-in replacements for conventional mineral oils in equipment where there is a risk of accidental spillage or leakage and consequent environmental damage.

Hydraulic systems are found throughout marine installations on cranes, winches, life boat davits and deck hydraulic remote control systems, often located where leakage or spillage can escape into the marine environment. High flow rates, high operating pressures and extensive use of flexible hoses combine to make these systems vulnerable to a rapid loss of fluid caused by chafe or mechanical damage.

BioBar contains selected additives ensuring good oxidation stability, good anti-corrosion and anti-wear properties and low aquatic toxicity. The combination of base oils used in BioBar endows it with a very high viscosity index and an extremely low pour point as well as giving excellent compatibility with elastomeric seal materials. The careful choice of the saturated synthetic ester enables the product to operate up to +120C system temperature.

The biodegradability of BioBar was measured in an OECD 306 (seawater) biodegradation test with a result greater than 60%, making it 100% more biodegradable than conventional mineral oils. BioBar is therefore classified as readily biodegradable in the marine environment. The toxicity of BioBar was measured on 6 marine species and was found to be up to 100% less toxic than conventional mineral oils. It also has 30% less potential for bioaccumulation and >30% of BioBar is derived from renewable resources.

BioBar is miscible with conventional mineral oil based hydraulic fluids. When changing from mineral oil based products to BioBar, the system should be drained to ensure that the mineral oil content of the refilled system is less than 5%. This is necessary to ensure that the overall biodegradability is not adversely affected. BioBar fulfils the requirements of the German VDMA paper 24568/ 24569 for HEES fluids.

Recommended for the following Applications Hydraulic systems and hydrostatic transmissions incorporating gear pumps, vane pumps, radial piston or axial piston pumps and motors where there is a perceived risk of egress into the environment in the event of spillage or leakage.

Key Benefits - Castrol BioBar hydraulic fluids combine excellent protection, extended drain performance and versatility in Offshore operations.

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