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Tank maintenance is an essential part of any successful premium diesel or heating oil program. As little as .01% (100ppm) water in a fuel storage tank can cause operational problems. Water cannot be completely eliminated from distillate fuels, it can get into the fuel at various stages as it progresses through the distribution network from the refinery to the end-user.

Water can get into the fuel during its production, when the hot fuel is in contact with process water. Most of this water is removed in the stripping units at the refinery and more will separate as the fuel cools, but still, some water remains in solution with the diesel. This entrained water may cause a haze in distillate fuel.

Water allows bacteria to breed and flourish (we have removed up to 500 kilos of sludge from one large tank!) This causes slime, which subsequently blocks filters and causes fuel starvation and engine failure..... normally at the worst possible time.

picture of a blocked filter   Here you can see a primary filter that is completely blocked, which stopped    the    vessel concerned as it was entering harbour, causing a lot of damage to    itself    and other vessels

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